About me


  • I Fell under the spell of the Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical devices and I am very much there.
  • In the past few years, I was a director and a teacher in MAALE – acronym in Hebrew for Arab Excellence in Science & Engineering Initiative. A program of the Davidson Institute of science education, the educational arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science. The program was established to address the underrepresentation of talented Arab students in science and technology disciplines in Israel.
  • In the past various managerial positions at the Davidson Institute of science education and before that I was the principal of Branco Weiss high school in Gezer Regional Council.
  • Many Years of various engineering positions at Intel, participated in starting both Intel Fab8 factory, in Jerusalem and Fab 18 in Kiryat Gat. Manager of the quality and reliability laboratories, in Intel Design Center in Haifa and finally I was the engineering manager and staff member in Fab18 in Kiryat Gat.
  • Even though the last 15 years were dedicated to education and I love teaching, I’m afraid that in my soul I am an engineer. This blog is my way, perhaps a ridiculous one, to explain (to whom?) what is so beautiful in engineering.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Asiful Bhuiyan |

    I m also like u by my full soul an engineer.It will be fantastic if i have an scope to work with u,

  2. אבי גולן |

    Hi Asiful, I am always glad to meet an engineering enthusiastic. I am quite busy these days, translating this site to Arabic. All the best.

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